isabella yuich arunima

This series of portraits is influenced by the subject of religious iconography and The Head of Christ. Christianity has it’s origins in what is now the middle-east and the protagonists of scripture of both the Old & New Testaments would have been people from those areas, so of Arabic or middle-eastern ethnicity. These figures, God himself and divine characters such as Angels are represented visually through iconography almost exclusively as Caucasians in a Western European style. The fact that the essence of one’s very personal connection with God is exalted through depictions of a figure who’s ethnicity is not geographically accurate to the figure in the Bible’s is fascinating, for there are also Christians who aren’t Caucasian. The portraits are intended as representative of the inaccuracies of iconography and the many peoples whom celebrate Jesus Christ as Lord but whom are not Caucasian.

rapture-arts © destroy-design 2015